Friday, August 13, 2010

It's not MY fault!

I blame growliesgirl of the Make the Cut forum!  If she hadn't posted her file and a picture on her blog, I might have a clean house now.  So much for housework today! 

After the cute little purse I made last night, I just had to make a pink one for my precious daughter.  She loves pink, so it's very pink!  I used metallic silver and rhinestones for accents as my favorite handbags have "jewelry" details.  I used eyelets instead of brads to attach the handle to give it more of a "jewelry" hardware look.  I want a life size one made of fabric now!  Holy cow, how addictive.  I may have to see about printing the pattern and cutting from fabric, pretty much the same only Larger!  LOL

Now that I have THAT out of my system (sshhhh...I can try to fool myself into believing it!) I can get to the dreaded and ever present housework.  Arrrghhh!

Happy scrappin' y'all!

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